Bringing solutions

Space matters in today’s world.

In our lives where handbags and carrying cases become smaller every day, we need new solutions to make the content smaller too. Similarly, every square meter of a flat increases in value over the years, and we are often faced with the issue of living in a smaller surface than required.

This implies there should be no more allowance for space wastage, and items need to adapt to our new lifestyles.

It’s simple.

All objects can be considered as structures.  By definition, we know structures can be folded. Hence everyday objects can be folded!

This involves them being re-designed with a focus on re-defining their purpose with today’s needs.

Start dreaming.

Imagine for a second what you could do today with that little extra space in your bag or in your flat. Stelyx is here to make this a reality and we look forward to showing you our range of re-invented products.